• More storage in less space.
    Stacking Racks are a versatile solution to your
    storage needs. They offer superior stacking stability over wood pallets while providing similar weight capacities.
  • No empty shelves.
    Just collapse racks for storage when not in use.
  • Custom designs.
    95% of our units are custom built to customer specs.
  • Convenient.
    Perfect for last-in, first-out inventories.
  • Displayable.
    Not only are racks great for storage concerns, they're also a wonderful solution for displaying your product.

How Stacking Racks Work

Portable stacking racks are self-contained units. They consist of a base and removable posts or endframes. These may be entirely removable or attached with hinges or other folding or collapsing mechanisms. All of our racks are welded together from American made steel tubing. Just insert the post or frames into the base sockets and move with forklift or pallet jack.

Simple Rack  Racks may have removable posts or endframes  Removable Endframes


The total stack height should be no greater than 5 times the smallest footprint dimension (five times the depth or width, whichever is smaller).
Different post heights allow storage of different sized products in the same stack utilizing the same bases.

Stack of Racks  Different post heights


Storage of unused stacking racks is simple. The posts or endframes may be removed and placed on the bases and the bases may then be stacked together for economy of space.

Easy Storage